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wrongfully accused of sexuall harassment, terminated Georgia

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my husband was accused of sexuall harassment and fired, on friday12-07-07, my husband tried to get this lady to do her job she kept refusing so he left her alone. the lady then went to my husbands supervisor and told the supervisor she did not want to do that job so the supervisor told the lady to go home untill monday.before the lady left she told some women on my husbands line that she was leaving because my husband was feeling on her butt, my husband told these ladys that the woman was lying he did not touch her.he went back to work. monday my husband was called to human resourse office and told this woman had made a sexuall harassment complaint against him that they had other complaints against him and would investigate and let him know the outcome,they called women from my husbands line no men were called. tuesday he was called to the office and terminated. my husband was a leadperson at this plant for sevin and a half years, it was his job to make sure this lady did her job,he had problems with her before for not wanting to do her job. my husband has since been told who the other woman is and he has had problems getting her to do her job,so he would take it to his supervisor and let her deal with it. my husband has been told by some teammembers that the first woman had said thursday 12-06-07 that she was gonna find a way to get off the line, she was tired of my husband telling her what to do. several of my husbands teammembers have told him they are trying to get the managers to review the case so far no luck we have e-mailed coroporate and told them my husbands side of things and ask for a polygraph test no reply yet. what are my husbands legal rights in this,what can we do. these two woman are good friends and knew it would take more than on accusation to get him terminated. several of my husbands teammembers have told him they want to beat this woman up he told them not to do that it would just get them in trouble any information you can give me is greatly appreciated.

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    • You would have to see an attorney regarding any possibility of a defamation of character suit. And if this woman doesn't have any appreciable assets, even if you win (which could takes months or years), what would you really have?

      Have you checked with the manufacturer of your medications to see if they have assistance for low-income persons?

      #1; Sat, 22 Dec 2007 09:12:00 GMT
    • This is not an illegal termination on the employer's part even if your husband didn't do anything . Ga. is an at-will employment state and you can be terminated at any time for any reason not protected by law (ie age, sex, religion) or unless he had a bona fide employment contract or CBA to the contrary.
      #2; Fri, 21 Dec 2007 20:38:00 GMT
    • can he do something leagly to this woman for wrongfully accusing him of this he has several teammembers willing to stand up for him. what she did is ruining our life not only finance way, but medically also. i have a chronic illness and could die without my medicine because we lost the insurance one of my medicines is over 18,000dollars every six weeks
      #3; Fri, 21 Dec 2007 21:44:00 GMT