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Wrongful Disciplinary Action.

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I observed personnel files scattered around my department in a publicly accessed area for two days. There was evidence that they were left there for two nights.

The two people in the highest chain of command were not at work, so I called the Corporate Office to inform them of these documents which contained personal information on several employees.

It turns out that the documents were carelessly left there by the person who is second in command to the owner of the company.

I was fired immediately but when I asked to have a letter stating why I was being fired, I was told that it was not going to be a firing, but that I would receive a warning instead. The warning accused me of violating facility policy by going to the corporate office. I have never seen this rule in writing.

I am thinking of taking action.

I appreciate your advise.

Renara in Michigan

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    • It seems as though you are taking a fall for someone elses mistake. I would advise you to go and talk to the Big such as The Cival Rights Commission, EEOC, ect. I can not think of the other names but if you seek one of the two you will have good results. I do not know where you live, but if it like me I had to bring my ass over there to the office itself. It was very intimidating but, this is when I pull this line out "Talk to me similar to how you would expalin a story to a 4 year old" This way they will not intimadate you or make you feel stupid. This is important from now! Everything that you do if you are going to pursue these things needs to be documented. Save everything or any thing that has to do with or case even something as easy like the envelope that a document was sent in. You might win with a little technicality. Even to the point of taping conversations. Buy a recorder that is small but voice activated. It may not be immisable in court but, you can use this for or records. Make a time line and list every step, call , person or what ever you did to pursue this case. Be organized and on your feet. It will help you in the long run. another thing you wil become fustrated for things take awhile so give your self a long time to reach your goal then you wont become dissipointed. Good luck!
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