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terminated by guilt by association Minnesota

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Hello...I was "laid off" from an employer but with my lay off was notified that I was not eligible for re-hire by this employer. I was working with a person that may have given grief to another employee, however not in my presence. I was asked about the situation and spoke my piece, that if such a situation happened, I was neither a part of it or a witness to it. I was still laid off but with an ineligble to rehire doesn't that qualify as a termination? I would like to know what my personal file says about me in this situation as the word on the job is that I was a trouble maker. I never gave the company any trouble and my supervisor was not even involved in the decision to let me go. I am wondering if I have any recourse at all. I know that I can write a letter which I am planning to request a reason for termination, but it appears to me that I am being slandared on the job. Any opinions or help would be great. Thanks!

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    • ANY time your employment ends it's a termination. If you quit, it's a voluntary termination. A layoff or firing is an involuntary termination.

      Who is eligible for rehire is up to the employer. There are no laws that dictate when an employer must make an employee eligible for rehire. If you had a contract or CBA that guarantees it that's one thing, but if not then it's up to them.

      Minnesota law allows you to see a copy of your personnel file upon written request.

      Nothing you have posted meets the legal definition of slander. Many companies will not ever rehire anyone, so the fact that you are considered ineligible for rehire is not an automatic black mark against you with prospective employers.

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