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breaking teacher's contract

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I am a teacher in Illinois, who, for financial reasons, must leave teaching. I did not sign a teaching contract this year, it automatically renews because I am tenured. Is there any way that I can get out of my contract if I connect with a postion outside of teaching? I am willing to resign if the right job will come along and alleviate my stress. Please get back to me promptly - I have an interview today...


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    • I am not an attorney.

      In PA you must give 60 days notice to leave a teaching job.

      However, this usually is waived for people LEAVING teaching. I have seen this happen many, many times.

      People come to my building, work one day, cry, and leave.

      But: if you are going for ANOTHER teaching position, you may well be held to your state's required notice. I have seen THIS happen, too.

      I would think the traditional 2 weeks notice would suffice.

      Call the State of Illinois Department of Education, wade through all the voice mail, and see what they say, too.

      I hope a real lawyer will jump in.

      Good luck.

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