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Severance Pay and Unemployment Compensation CT Connecticut

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I will be losing my job as a retail store manager at the end of January 08. My employer is giving me a package of 12 weeks severance pay, 4 weeks vacation on the books, and a $2000 stay on Bonus until my store closes at the end of January.

When should I file an unemployment claim? Can I receive UI benefits concurrently with my severance? The severance and vacation will be distributed as a lumpp sum, not sure if employer will designate number of weeks to state. Will my UI benefit be reduced due to the severence?

Any links or advice appreciated. CT labor site not very helpfull...

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    • http://www.ctdol.state.ct.us/progsupt/unemplt/claimant-guide/ClaimantGuide10-06.pdf

      Start with page 17 of the booklet.

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