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reasonable notice of schedule change - Oregon

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Three questions, actually:

1. Can an employee be written up or otherwise disciplined for failing to show up for work when the schedule was changed without the employee being notified?

The schedules have a statement on them that they are subject to change with short notice. It is company policy that it is the employee's responsibility to find out if the schedule has changed.

Sometimes different departments have different schedules, so no one is sure who's got the most recent schedule; often the schedule is changed and new schedules are not distributed. Sometimes schedules are changed when an employee is on their off day.

2. Can an employer wait until Friday to provide the schedule for the week beginning on Saturday? If so, if an employee is off on Friday, does the employer have any responsibility to notify the employee of their scheduled shift?

3. If an employer calls an employee at home on their day off and EXPECTS them to be available to be called to work without being scheduled, OR if the employer frequently calls the employee in to work early on a regularly scheduled work day, is the employee eligible for some kind of standby pay?

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    • This site may help with the waiting time question:


      and as far as the scheduling change, I find no laws on that. The norm is with an "at-will" state, that as long as an employer is not being discriminatory and disciplines without such discrimination, it is ok for them to change your schedule and discipline you as they see fit.

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    • Thank you.
      #2; Sun, 05 Jun 2005 14:14:00 GMT