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Blackballing. Need help please.

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My husband is a union electrician in the state of Iowa. For four years he was an assistant BA / organizer for his union. Since going back into the field, he has been the recipient of blackballing from the largest local contractor. My suspicion is that one individual is responsible. What, if anything, can we do? This individual has made sure that my husband was not hired at the local JATC as a teacher and has made sure that my husband was laid off at least twice from his contracting firm. The latest incident involved the contractor laying off 13 people, waiting two weeks, and then rehiring 8 electricians while my husband was travelling on a short call (which makes him ineligible to put his name in for one of the 8 full time positions).

The results of this activity have been far reaching. They affect not only my husband, myself and our finances, but most importantly it is affecting our children as well.

At this point, my husband and I think it may not be worth staying in the electrical industry. Before that happens, I would like to consider any potential legal remedies.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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    • This may be a case of retaliation against your husband for his union activity. Your husband should work with his union to file a complaint against that employer. If his union refuses to help him, he should complain up-the-chain-of-command within the union. If there is still refusal, he may wish to file a complaint with the NLRB.
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