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Overpayment of wages Pennsylvania

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Good afternoon-

I have an employee who was overpaid their regular wages after they went out on short term disability. I've told the employee they were overpaid and I gave them a schedule of 10 payments of 87.13 per payroll to pay the money back. They disagree and want to pay back the amounts monthly at their leisure. We are in Pennsylvania.

Would an employee who does not agree to the proposed schedule be considered fraud? The employee's response to my e-mail was "while I agree to the repayment I cannot agree to the rate of repayment". My employer is concerned that she will not return to work or leave and therefore out the wages that have been overpaid.

Is there also a website that helps with payroll labor laws besides BNA?

If anyone can help as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Liz Patterson

Payroll Administrator

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    • Even if the employee didn't stipulate to the overpayment, it would still be very far from fraud.

      Forcing an employee to make larger payments while on disability will not encourage the employee to come back to work.

      I'd probally agree to the longer schedule, but would execute a formal written note with a small amount of interest to encourage early payment.

      Your only other option is to sue, but the legal and other costs would likely be greater then the $871.30 you are trying to collect. It would also cost you an employee.

      As far as websites, check your states DOL. Also Cornell has a good site with links to the States various codes.

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