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Mandatory tip-outs allowed in MD? Maryland

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I work in the food industry and am required to tip a certain percentage of my tips to other workers, that is, 13% to bussers, 10% to food runners and 7% to bartenders. Are my managers allowed to require a mandatory tip-out?

Also, when working a banquet party where the guest has requested only selected beers and wines be served and the bartenders play no role in making or getting the alcohol for us, are we required to tip them since they had no role in our work?

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    • 1. Yes, as long as the tip-out is "reasonable and customary". This is not the business I'm in, so I don't know whether 20% tip-out is "reasonable and customary" or not.

      2. If the employer requires you to, yes. The law does not get that specific.


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