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Illinois exempt employees deducting from PTO balance

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I work in a hospital clinic seeing OP. We are exempt employees as Physical and Occupation therapist. They have now stated that if we work late or during lunch of course we are not compensated anymore. Which is correct under the exempt status. But now they also state if we leave say 2-3 hours early we have to take time out of our PTO, even if it is because they did not have the workload for us. I don't seem to understand how this is possible. We used to be paid for a full day as long as at least half of our time was done for that day. Is this okay for them to do, they state that we can only get paid for it if we come in another time and see patients, that even the paperwork we need to do for our patients would not even make up for the time left early. I am having trouble with the laws finding this out...if they are not right can you tell me where I can find this info in the laws.

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    • Yes, it is legal in the state of Illinois. Your employer is in compliance with the law.
      #1; Wed, 30 Mar 2005 23:28:00 GMT