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Fired Because of a Random Background Check - What Rights Do I Have

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I was recently fired because of a random background check for continued employment. I suspect that I was fired because of my past criminal conviction. I am pretty certain I am entitled to a copy of any credit reports and background checks that might have been pulled. I would like someone to refer me to some statute code regarding the time frame for which I must request this information and whether or not I could be charged for a copy of this information?

Also when I write a letter to request this information,if they do not send the requested information within the legal timeframe allotted, will my receipt from the post office showing that I sent the letter certified mail be enough to substantiate that the letter was sent at a given date and time?

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      As you were told when you posted, laws are different in each state.
      The admins/mods changed my subject line. I had my subject line also say I was from Maryland I don't know why they felt the need to change my post.
      #1; Mon, 17 Aug 2009 15:31:00 GMT
    • As you were told when you posted, laws are different in each state.
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