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Feel Betrayed

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The state is: Minnesota

I have put up with years of less than acceptable treatment from my supervisor. But this week I had my annual review and something that really upset me happened.

I have fought with my supervisor on one issue for 3-4 years - he wants a change in the way I do my job which matches his vision. About 18 months ago I was offered another position. One of my co-workers found out I was considering this. This person told our branch manager and our area VP of sales. These two individuals worked very hard to keep me. They contacted my supervisor and told him he had to do whatever it took to keep me.

My supervisor contacted me about this. I did not ask for additional salary or any other compensations. I asked the following:

1. That he treat me better than he has in the past, and that he show respect for me which he hadn't in the past

2. That he let me continue to do my job in the way I had as it was better for customer service and for me and for the branch in which I work

My supervisor agreed to both these points. He has never changed regarding item 1. He has let me continue with item 2 - but has made comments about it.

In my review this week he basically said effective today, you will no longer do this the way you have been doing, you will do it the way I want. Not open to discussion.

I told him I felt betrayed and why. He told me we live in a world of change and this is a change I have to follow.

MY QUESTION: Can he make a promise that influences my decision about staying or taking another position, and then back out of it later? I do not have anything in writing as it was over the telephone (he couldn't even take time to make a personal visit to a valuable employee considering leaving). I did talk to the branch manager and area sales VP after my conversation with my supervisor and conveyed the promise he made to me to them.

I feel my hands are tied about talking to anyone in the organization. Above my supervisor is the acting CEO. We do have a personnel director. They both work in our corporate office, as does my supervisor. There is a strong "good old boy" atmosphere in our company. They would never back me over him. I feel I would damage my otherwise good standing in the company if I fight this. I live in a very rural area, and jobs are quite hard to find. The opportunity I had 18 months ago no longer exists. There are no others, unless I am interested in working for minimum wage with no benefits, I need to hang in where I am. I can't move do to my spouse's occupation.

Any suggestions?

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    • I agree that it sounds like you got a raw deal. But nothing in your post indicates that any laws have been violated or that you have any kind of legal recourse.

      The bottom line is, he is the boss. He decides what the rules are and how he wants people to work. You do not have a guaranteed right to decide how you want to work.

      #1; Fri, 20 Aug 2004 09:20:00 GMT