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Exempt Vacation Time(PTO) Arizona

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I am an exempt employee in Arizona and my company uses PTO. I recently went on vacation and in 4 out of the 5 days had to spend a minimum of 2 hours per day logged in fixing issues that my replacement could not handle. My company still deducted 5 days from my PTO balance. Since I actually had to work during those days, shouldn't I have been paid as part of my normal salary and not had those days deducted, since any partial day worked counts as full day for salary? Shouldn't I have only been charged 1 PTO day?


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    • There is no law requiring they do so. Neither federal nor Arizona law addresses how PTO is allocated. All the law cares about is that you get your full weekly salary.

      It is not unusual for exempt employees, especially in senior management, to check emails and voicemails while they're on vacation. I didn't do it when I was at that level, and unless it's a true emergency, I don't think employees should have to. Vacation are for rest and relaxation. But, that is just my preference; it isn't law. What you describe is quite common.

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