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Dont know where to ask this...

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The state is: indiana

Hello, I didnt know exactly where to post this question but maybe someone will know.

There is a lady at work she is constantly calling the labor board, health inspector on the company i work for.

This is whenever she doesnt get her way, the things she has called for werent even violations, like she called the labor board one time becuz she couldnt take a vacation the week she wanted. Well we have 35 employees on the schedule and its first come first serve and well she snoozed and didnt get it. There were already 2 people on for that week and thats all the boss allows becuz thats all we can afford to go. She was offered the week before and after ..but she didnt like it so she called.

last week she called the labor board becuz she is scheduled 3-11 one night then 7-3d the next day she says it isnt enough time for her (8 hours).

and that she had wanted 3 days off that week, supv couldnt give her 3 days off becuz of a tight schedule. ( she is full time but wants part time hours) the boss only put her on days the next day becuz he was taking her and the other managers out for dinner for christmas that he couldnt do during the season. she requested two other days off so she had to work this day.

any ways she called labor board while at work, and called the boss and said theres nothing you can do becuz thats consider retailiation (spellin) so now he is worried that he cant correct her for anything becuz she will scream retailition.

what do you do with an employee like this? i know what id like to do to her but ill remain professional.

she is just a pain, if she had a valid case it would be one thing but she thinks we cant even look at her the wrong way without screaming some kinda law has been broken....

so is she free to do what ever she wants becuz she makes these calls?

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    • Make sure that all of her calls are documented and that management has made any corrections determined by the agencies. In cases where there is no determination from the agency called, make sure that management investigates fully and comes to its own conclusions - in writing. A conclusion of "employee is attempting to damage company in effort to get unwarranted priviledges" is perfectly valid.

      and [she] called the boss and said theres nothing you can do becuz thats consider retailiation (spellin)
      make sure that the boss documents that the employee has admitted to filing false reports in an effort to be covered by anti-retaliation laws.

      Just because she calls the dept of labor doesn't mean that he has to cave into her demands. If he schedules her to work on a given day and she fails to show up, that is an unexcused absence - even is she calls the labor department. Following standard company procedures is not retaliation.

      #1; Mon, 16 Jan 2006 21:27:00 GMT
    • thank you so much, and no contact was ever made from previous calls she made...dont kow about this one she just did it the other day...

      i will pass this info to my boss, thank you so much.

      #2; Mon, 16 Jan 2006 21:37:00 GMT