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Changing of Payperiods? Is that legal?

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My husband was recently informed that the company he works for is changing his paydays. He normally gets paid bi-monthly. His employer wants to pay him for 1 week of work, and then start paying him bi-monthly after that. My husband is paid by the amount of cars he paints and "flags" within that period. When he is paid weekly he loses money because he has less time to paint as many cars before the pay period cutoff. We are concerned with a loss of money because of this. (We live paycheck to paycheck) Another employee that works with my husband was also just informed of this, and he is about to lose his house because of the switch. (yes, to us 1 week makes a huge difference) Is this legal for his company to do this to him? I spoke with the boss' wife (she manages all payroll) and she told me that she was doing it because she didn't have time to do everybody's payroll in two days, so half of the shop has to switch. We are worried and scared that we won't be able to make our bills on time. Is there anything legally that we can do to stop this from happening? Oh yes, my husband did talk to his boss and they had an agreement (verbal) that this wouldn't take place for another month, so we could prepare for it, then the next day the wife of his boss came in and said that the payday change will happen immediately, and that she was in charge of the office.

I appreciate any advice you can give me. I forgot to mention that I live in denver.



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    • The employer is free to change its payroll in the manner you mentioned. Sorry.

      #1; Wed, 16 Aug 2000 12:09:00 GMT